Terms & Call Charges

All the 084 numbers on this website are Call Connection Service numbers that connect users to contact numbers. To call a company or organisation’s official number you should visit their official websites to find their official phone numbers.

We are NOT associated with, or represent the companies which we connect you to.

The use of 084 phone numbers are not free of charge. Calls to 084 numbers cost £0.07 plus VAT per minute plus your phone service provider network access charge. Your network access charges can vary depending on the phone service provider you are using to call an 084 number.

Network Access Charges: If you don’t’ know what your telephone network charges and costs are, it is advisable that you contact your network service provider/supplier, before using this 084 Call Connection Service.
You can also get information at the Ofcom Call Costs Guide: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/phones-telecoms-and-internet/advice-for-consumers/costs-and-billing/how-much-does-a-phone-call-really-cost

Bill Payer Permission: You need the permission from the bill payer of the phone line you use to call a 084 phone number.

Age Notice: You must be over 18 years of age and have the permission from the bill payer of the phone line you use to call a 084 phone number.

This is a Call Connection Service website: This Call Connection Service provides routed 084 phone numbers for people who need an easy way of contacting businesses, service centres, call centres, etc.

This website offers a Call Connection Service to specific organisations, businesses and/or services located or provided in the UK. This call connection service website offers connection to a small number of organisations, rather than the full range of a national directory enquiry numbers.

The 084 contact number Call Connection Service website provides call connection service numbers for people who need an effective way of contacting businesses, call centres, service centres, etc. In some cases the official phone numbers are hard to find and to locate on the official websites of businesses and/or organisations.

All the trademarks, logos and company identity belong to their respective owners and if present are solely shown on this website for identification purposes.

Also see this website’s Privacy Policy terms.

User’s Acceptance

You agree, by calling a Call Connection Service Number published on this website that you accept these terms and call charges.

ukphonecontactnumber.co.uk reserves the right to improve, edit or change these terms at any time.

ukphonecontactnumber.co.uk cannot take responsibility if companies and/organisations change their official phone numbers before we can update our routing / call transfer numbers.